Brands and Celebrities- How do you BrandMatch® Score and Win?


Do you want a vegetarian golf pro representing your burger chain? Of course not, but what if you didn’t ask?  Maybe you want a football player to represent your sports clothing line? It’s a big financial decision and you have to make sure it’s right, here’s how.

Ingenuity streamlined with marketability can create much more than a data analytics platform, it can give a real time value and a viable real world solution to the branding and celebrity endorser marketing business. It is easy to see athletes and celebrities that have progressive potential for brand matching and product sales. It’s not so easy to see a true comprehensive of real time direct correlation to client specific criteria and celebrity statistics while being cohesive on many levels with authentic value for a brand. Since stagnant scoring systems have been the normal in the industry for years, it has been an area slated for disruption, waiting for a real time solution.

The arrival of BrandMatch Score is changing the way this entire eco-marketing-system works, redefining how brands and celebrities come together for the best potential endorsement and product compatibility. They have created a software based market research tool that is powerful enough to cross-platform endorsement criteria such as target demographics,  key brand attributes, length of campaign, allocated endorser budget, requirements of the endorser and the celebrities they wish to be scored against, for the right brand match.

Creating Real Time Matching for a Modern ‘MoneyBall’ Business

Creator and CEO, Derek Boyle of Massachusetts and his full time team members David Hoffman, Josh Boyle and Justin Rogers, along with development team Stature Software have spent many years building and perfecting the product that has become BrandMatch Score. After their official launch in November of 2012, they attended the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference for the sports business world, and gained a large amount of attention as well as potential partnerships with both athletes and brands. Due to this rush of attention they have been moving forward very quickly in the application and growth phase of their software product with this real time scoring for brands and endorsers.

How They Did It

According to CEO, Derek Boyle, “it has been an education process for the brands and agencies to realize there is something much more effective on the market for their industry, other than the old standard score still used today, and our product adoption is very well received.” Since Boyle previously had been a Director of Athletic Marketing, he knows the problems encountered with selecting an endorser, and spent 10 years perfecting the right way to do it without large amounts of subjectivity being involved any longer. “The system takes all the information from an in-depth online discovery phase, as well as three components collectively measured, producing each BrandMatch Score, which then quantifies how well each endorser aligns with the brand, it’s product and specific business objectives” says Boyle. BrandMatch Score also collects consumer insight by utilizing certified panels through an independent survey administered by the McCormack Center for Sports Research at UMass Amherst, guided by the specifics of information provided by the brand. This information is all included in the BrandMatch Score.

BrandMatch Score boasts an advisory team of who’s-who in the professional sports industry, and they carry clients on both the brand and agency sides from retail, food, apparel, beverage, banking and more. They offer their software-as-a-service to both local and national venues in all sides of business and are continually expanding. They have completed their founders round of funding, and are currently raising seed funding just under approximately $1M.

Their product is eliminating large amounts of industry subjectivity, providing better accountability and leveraging analytical credibility into the brand and celebrity matching business. It is empirical data that allows the brand to understand the factors when a celebrity or athlete is representing and becoming the face of their brand.

If you are in the marketing business and want to acquire a celebrity endorser, this tool can help to make your agency’s goals viable and bring you to the top of the game in your marketing campaign.

“We are here to help marketers change the way they select and hire athletes and celebrity endorsers.”

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